Sunday, September 22, 2013

Informal Learning: Language Work in Her PJs?

We Montessori mommies were commiserating the other day about how sometimes our kids don't want to do Language work.  At the tender age of 3, I suggested, it's best to just try to catch 5 good minutes than to coax or badger.  For us, that "Good Five Minutes" is usually in the morning!

Even spelling 3 words is really a fine start.  Sometimes we use these objects stored in the empty strawberry basket (the large, flat wooden figures came from Michaels).

An empty strawberry basket holds these objects, which are easy to spell:  car, hat, bus, star, bug, bee, sun, etc.

You can use a limited movable alphabet (just a small selection and not the whole alphabet) if you are just starting.  Or buy a few sets of cheap, plastic magnetic letters (Toys R Us has some, or there are these).
 In the above photo we were "helping" Daddy write up his Saturday morning grocery list.  Just think of things you usually buy that are easy to spell.

She is much more relaxed in the morning and it's nice to be able to show Daddy!

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