Friday, January 29, 2021

More Board Games to Play with Your Older Kids

Something to Get You Through 

Updating the Board Game List from 2012

It's About Time

With more of us at home, some for months at a time, and with college kids confined to tiny groups while on campus, it's time to update our board game list!  Beware:  some of these innocent board games have "adult" or "after dark" versions.  Some wonderful games have several versions (such as "ungame"), so read the reviews before buying.  Finally, there are tons of expansion packs, so if you like a game, try those out, too!

Quick thinking card game for middle schoolers and above.

Sort of like the old-fashioned "Telephone Game" you played as a kid, but with pictures.  Multiple ages can play.  Refill of dry erase markers available (we needed these because we played this so much!).  Also comes in party pack size.  Sometimes so hilarious you'll laugh-snort.

Like a mix of Trivial Pursuit and a word game.  Team-based card game that requires you to think fast!

Family friendly--not racy or smutty (despite the title).  Clever word game for middle school and above.

Animal hero card game (D&D influenced):  slay monsters, collect heroes.  Adorable illustrations.

Our middle-schooler liked this but Daddy didn't appreciate how easy it was to die!  A card game re-make of a classic computer game.


We tried this and the card game version (below) because the computer game was a wee bit addictive.  Simplified re-make of the insanely popular computer game where you build your own world.

Same as above but very portable--can take in backpack or purse easily.

Therapists use this to encourage conversation.  Also great for those who love to talk!  Many versions.  Good way to get to know one another better.

Teaches you about birds but "isn't a boring educational game."  Clever and cute.

Build your own theme park for robots.

Dwarves!  Cooperative mining game where one bad guy lurks to sabotage all of your hard work.

Expensive, exceptionally elaborate adventure game.  Needs lots of real estate where it can be left up for a while.  "More a lifestyle than a game!"  An alternative to D&D.  Follows a script.  GOT US THROUGH A LONG SUMMER OF LOCKDOWN!!

Trivia-based estimation game.  You'll learn a lot while having fun.

Recommended by a good friend.  Next on our list to try!

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