Monday, October 28, 2013

Re-Working Your Transfer Works for Ten Dollars/Ten Minutes

Basket + tongs + stuff  = transfer work

Tired of your transfer works?  Looking to punch up the shelves in your classroom without spending a lot?  On a recent trip to Sam's Club to buy groceries, I bought some things I figured I could use both for holiday entertaining/family reunions AND for Montessori works.  For under $10 I "re-worked" what I had around the house.  After coming home with new tongs and plastic food baskets, it took all of 10 minutes

Always try out your new transfer works before giving them to your students. Here 9-year-old "Peel" helps me make sure none of them are too difficult for the hands of 2- and 3-year-olds.
You need to use the tongs to transfer the corks into the empty Trader Joe's tartlet pan and make them stand up!

Just moving marbles......
River rocks from the dollar store
I've used these small rubber balls for teaching how to sweep, how to use chop sticks, for sorting by color, too.

Pom-poms are another staple at our house.
My teenager noticed these pumpkin marshmallows at the store and thought they'd be good for transferring.
And who doesn't have Duplos?!?  (note the Trader Joe tartlet pan again--we have several!)
Sam's food storage containers have been helpful for other works, such as Float or Sink.

The squeeze bottles can be used for paint, although the kind with covers are friendlier.

The little sauce cups are good for transfer works, containing small metal brads on a tray, holding paint, etc.

I've used the tubs for small, portable sandboxes and for storage.  They'd be great for messy winter boots, too.
What about you--any ideas to add?


  1. Just posted the 20 recycled and thrift store items we just for our sensory bins today at our house!

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