Monday, December 2, 2013

Movement and Early Language Work

Language Work and Movement Really CAN Go Together!

Part 1:  Matching uppercase and lowercase letters
Once per week another mommy and I teach a Pre-K class at our local Catholic homeschool co-op.  The 12 children in the class range widely in maturity (36 months to nearly 6 years), in ability to sit still, and in ability to recognize letters and letter sounds.  What a challenge!

We recently played a game with two parts:  First, the children grabbed small magnetic lowercase letters and matched them to their uppercase counterparts.  These were large foam letter tiles that we spread all over the big room where we meet.  This took longer than you'd think and was good exercise for rambunctious kids!  It's also great to have kids of various ages working together.

Next, the children were given small laminated cards with photos of objects that all started with different sounds.  While I bought these at a toy store, you could find the cheap flash cards that are often sold in pharmacies or go to a teacher store for something similar.

Part 2:  Matching pictures of objects whose name begins with that letter's sound 

Helping each other is totally allowed!

This is fun!

Can you help me think of a name for this game?!?

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