Sunday, January 3, 2016

Tea Time is Time to Practice Food Prep, Manners and Conversation

We celebrated the return of Downton Abbey today with teatime!

Teatime Comprised of Several "Works"

Think of it:  Flower Arranging, Silver Polishing, Food Preparation, Folding Napkins, Grace and Courtesy, and Washing Dishes.  These are all works that can be part of an afternoon tea.  Extensions can include making your own butter, baking biscuits, growing the chives and parsley for the cucumber sandwiches, dipping candles, and making jellies and jams.


We really liked these frozen biscuits with clotted cream:

Cucumber Sandwiches:

We cut the bread the night before using this sandwich maker we already had.

Even if you aren't a D.A. fan, this activity could be a great way of introducing another culture (if you are studying England, for instance).  Who knows, maybe it could become a "new tradition" at your house or school, or you could try this for Mother's Day?  Enjoy!

P.S.  We also have a ducky and an elephant creamer left over from our Practical Life days in the classroom.  If you'd like to find those, click here and here.


  1. Love this! And my girls just got a tea set for Christmas. We are definitely adding tea time into our weekly routine. Thanks so much.

    1. What age would you think is appropriate to do this? I have a 2yr old little girl who loves tea parties pretend, but i'm not sure if we could pull this off quite yet. Thanks!

  2. Melissa, hmmm. I really depends on so many things. Firstly, I wouldn't serve anything hot, but she may be able to do fine with a cup or glass she's used to with a cold drink. Second, there are some aspects of a tea party that she could help with, like making the little round breads out of a typical loaf from the store. The nice thing is that she can "grow into" this at her own pace! Good luck!