Thursday, November 17, 2016

"No" is Not a Four-Letter Word

A recent video by author and family psychologist John Rosemond has an eye-catching title:  "Is Your Child Getting Enough Vitamin N?"  In it, he talks about how indulging our children has become a norm, and many children today don't hear the word "no" enough.  Instead of focusing on the basics of what our children need--protection,  affection, and direction--we give in too often to their whims, demands, and wants.

John Rosemond's video on Vitamin N

Another author who writes about parenting, James Stenson, has included this in his list on raising children:  "Realize that 'no' is also a loving word, and your children must hear it from time to time in order to acquire self-control. Children who never experience loving parental denial cannot form the concept of self-denial--and this can later lead to disaster."  His entire list of things parents can do to help build character can be seen here.  


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