Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Montessori at Home: Making Up Novel Works

Reframe Your Everyday Tasks

Put on Your "Montessori Practical Life" Glasses

Break Tasks into Discrete Steps

It's muddy here during the winter.  We have a ginormous indoor dog, Moses.  He goes out two or three times per day in the backyard and would track mud into the house if we let him.  Instead, we've taken this empty Clorox wipes container, filled it with water, and when he's done his business he sits so that we can dip and wipe his paws.  We've also used a small tub and poured water out of a pitcher to accomplish the same thing, but this is easier and faster.  It's also less prone to big spills (just little spills).

(Yes, he's wearing the Cone of Shame due to recent hot spots.)

What are some everyday tasks that you do almost automatically?  Can you break them into simple steps so that anyone in the house can do them?

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  1. PS You can follow Moses on Instagram at moses_the_wonderdog