Monday, April 16, 2012

Bugs in the Backyard


If you have a backyard or access to a park, there are lots of living things to grab a toddler's attention--but you may need to patient and vigilant! In just a few hours of puttering around outside yesterday, my girls saw some amazing things. Eight-year-old Peel spotted the ladybug eggs and then the 2-year-old (she doesn't have a nickname yet!) saw the ladybug.

The bunnies have been really active lately and then the caterpillar was a complete surprise--trying to cross the street after nightfall! Before bedtime we looked up some info on the critter. Apparently it will turn into a Giant Leopard Moth with a wingspan of 3 inches! (Yes, we let him go after watching him for a little while.)

You can go in so many directions with a day like this--take photos and make your own flashcards, create a backyard bingo game, put together a nature journal, start a unit on the life cycle of ladybugs, etc.

Re: the photo near the pink peony: I was once told that peonies only open after a bug crawls across the bud. Is that true?


  1. What a cool website! Keep the posts coming!

  2. That is true about the peonies. Large ants eat a sticky substance off of the bud so that it can open.
    We are loving the bunnies too. We have been observing them each night. On Sunday night one was literally lying down and rolling over around our pitching mound in the backyard.
    I love the blog!!