Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cheap Entertainment!!

Baby Jonathan is in the "dump and fill" stage--he's almost 14 months old.  His smart mommy Liz (we went to Montessori training together) made a Montessori Lite toy out of an empty juice container and wooden clothespins.  "He loved it!  He was occupied for a good 15 minutes," Liz said.  (This is a LONG TIME to us mothers of toddlers!  LOL)

Inspired by this, I saved an empty parmesan cheese container, found some dried lima beans and made our own cheap entertainment for Alleluia.  At 28 months she is strong enough to flip open the plastic lid, put the beans in (one at a time), click it shut and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!  At her age she is not so interested in dumping and filling, but it bought us some good quality time after dinner.

A good resource for other Montessori ideas on the cheap is Montessori on a Budget at

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