Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real 2

This was a busy week, with five kids finishing school, two graduations and grandparents coming into town.  Lots of extra school activities and exam schedules.  Phew!  We survived.  It's a good thing we took pictures, because it was all a blur.......


Alleluia helped Daddy pick basil for a Caprese Salad (and she insisted on wearing a hat!).


Wasabi invented a "Princess Leia" S'more using two Hershey's chocolate kisses!


Alleluia pretends to eat plastic French Fries and feed the stuffed froggies neopolitan ice cream.


We took a walk yesterday at a local nature center and were amazed at all of the tiny frogs whose eyes were sticking up just above the surface of this pond.

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  1. We were frog-hunting at the nature center pond last Friday when a snake slithered across our path! I am pretty sure the screams scared the frogs away.