Saturday, June 2, 2012

Reading to Your Child

Alleluia was being really hyper until Peel sat down and read to her yesterday morning!

Parents often tell me that they wish they could do x, y and z with their young toddlers, but there's no time.  I thought I'd post this photo of our 8-year-old reading to our 2-year-old to remind you to to put your older children to work!  Can't your older child be given the job of 15 minutes of "teaching time" or "reading time" or playing or babysitting?

As soon as your children can read aloud (or even do a good job narrating picture books), let them be the big brother or big sister and read to the youngest.  Even infants can learn to look forward to time spent together with a book.

Only have one child?  If they are older, look for opportunities for them to be a mother's helper for a neighbor who is home making dinner or sorting laundry.  If your child is younger, seek out a child in the neighborhood, church or school community who might be that mother's helper for you.

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