Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pretty, Funny, Happy, Real 13

So many transitions this week!  Older kids in school (except oldest, who will leave the nest soon for college), youngest starting Montessori at home in earnest, church celebrating a special Mass with the bishop, and weather taking a pleasant turn to cooler temps.

On our first day with no other kids around, Alleluia and I went to a wonderful big indoor playplace that has this light table and animal x-rays.  I love that we can delight in the normally unseen beauty of God's creation.

Our beautiful church hosted the bishop for a special Mass.  Our two boys served.

Here's Tesla helping the bishop at the recessional.

Here's a happy toddler doing real work!  We were working  with the articles of the Mass and noticed that our chalice was really tarnished, so today seemed like as good a time as any to give Alleluia her first presentation in metal polishing.  Now she's hooked!  I've created a monster........

The cotton-tipped swabs are a lot easier for her to use when applying the polish.

It cleaned up "real good!"

After neglecting to give away our Amish Friendship Bread starter (which you divide every 10 days), we've found ourselves drowning in bags of it!  Some of the kids helped me illustrate this silly post on the math of starter bags and exponential growth.

We also got into the Halloween costumes this week.  Alleluia wanted to be a mouse all day.........

Greeting Daddy as he gets home with "Fish-and-French Fries-and-Broccoli Soup".........

(Oh, and red pepper, corn and pie!)

Earlier today Alleluia picked some beautiful dandelions.  Sadly, they don't last long, even in water.  

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