Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pretty, Funny, Happy, Real 14

The first two weeks after the kids are back in school should be called the "I Think I Can" weeks, because there's so much adjusting going on and so many late nights due to parent meetings that we're just in survival mode.  That plus the anxiety over Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac made for a week where contentment came from the VERY SIMPLE.


Remember those little green baby acorns we gathered a while back?
We'll see if this works as a transfer work.


I couldn't pass up this shark costume at last weekend's consignment sale.  When I was a kid I insisted on making a hammerhead shark costume -- which was a TOTAL disaster! -- so this $5 monstrosity somehow makes my life complete.


Thank Goodness it doesn't take much to make a toddler happy.


Sigh.  Our bathtub and shower has been out of commission for TOO long.  Today the handyman is fixing it.  


  1. Love the shark costume! And the darling toddler. Sorry about the bathtub. May it be fixed soon and you have a nice, long, soothing soak!

  2. That top photo is delightful. Makes up for the tub :)