Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pretty, Funny, Happy, Real 15

Busy week spent delivering oldest to college (our first).  Makes you appreciate the little stuff...


Making dinner before trip.  Romas all washed and lined up for Rotini.

Found this on campus.  Anyone know what it is?


We all stayed in connecting hotel rooms, so "Alleluia" was fascinated to watch and take part in Daddy's shaving ritual.


On the way up to the East Coast we stopped at two museums.  Here "Peel" is part of a demonstration at the American Museum of Science and Energy in Oak Ridge, TN.  "Tesla" (on the right) was as happy as a pig in mud to be part of the high voltage fun (thinking of re-naming him "High Voltage").


All done moving him in.  Note the cool nerd shirt from the AMSE museum gift shop (yes, it glows in the dark).

Sheer exhaustion.  Two days drive up and two days drive back is a lot for a toddler!

round button chicken


  1. I don't know what that flower/seed thing is but it's kind of lovely!

  2. We have a tree full of those at the moment...I was just admiring them yesterday. It's similar to a dogwood, although it blooms after the leaves are out. I will get back to you when I have a name for you! Btw, I love your blog!

  3. Here it is. It's a beautiful tree!