Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pretty, Funny, Happy, Real 16

It only took us a day or two to completely take over "Tesla's" bedroom, now that he's away at college.  Since I used to have a Catholic Montessori preschool in my home and I have been gradually getting all of those materials out again for "Alleluia," we can easily use the space!  His room is now the "Nature/Science Study" and has all the Botany stuff, rocks and minerals, and Shell stuff (plus some driftwood and feathers).


Trying to hear the ocean in a Queen Conch.


The omnipresent dog and his omnipresent nose.

The smell of the driftwood, seaweed, feathers et al. drove him crazy!

The dog should know all of the parts of the leaf by now.......


"Peel" reunited with her stuffed crocodile "Jaws."  We visit the residents of an assisted living facility every week and afterwards my daughter was absent-mindedly tossing Jaws into the air (outside).  He got stuck on the roof!  After a letter to the maintenance staff and a few nervous hours we got a phone call that he had been retrieved and could be picked up.  What a relief!  Remember that song, "Reunited and it feels so good.........."?


On Sunday we got out the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Altar I materials.  Alleluia was learning that the altar servers ring the bell when the priest elevates the chalice.  I put this under "Real" because I've been thinking this week about the Real Presence of Christ, contrasting this reality with my tendency (when I'm stressed out) to escape into fantasyland or imagine ridiculous scenarios or preposterous dialogs.  It was refreshing to think about His Real Presence and also to be surrounded by the shells, rocks and leaves that are His real creations!

The bell is the blur in the lower left.

A good shell guide is worth its weight in gold!

Alleluia is really drawn to the "real."


  1. LB would like to share her new shells with "alleluia" and maybe they can identify them together !

  2. Sounds fun--let's do it when I get back, k?