Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Two No-Brainers from Wal-Mart

1.  Went to Wal-Mart yesterday and was able to find replacement eye droppers in the pharmacy section for super cheap ($1.49 for two).  I haven't been able to find ours for so long, so several works that require an eye dropper were put on hold...UNTIL NOW.

Besides color mixing works, dropping vinegar into baking soda and lessons on how a drop of water can act as a lens to magnify, eye droppers are great for simply dropping water into these funny soap thingies.  (Sorry--I can't figure out the technical term for those, but I bet your grandma had them and I bet you can find them at garage sales and thrift shops.)

Not only is this a good work for practicing the pincer grasp, I'm here to say it's also therapeutic!  If you are stressed out, try it--you'll like it.

(**Added Oct. 14, 2012:  Just saw this post that uses similar ideas:  Pipettes)

These are glass and the rubber bulb can come off, so do not leave them out for mischievous toddlers!

"Peel" is 8 and she was drawn to this work.  Younger children will need a lesson in how to use the dropper.

The "Point of Interest" here is depositing just one drop at a time.

Why didn't I think of that?  "Peel" and "Chop" immediately wanted to freeze these babies.  They froze solid over night.

2.  The second neat-coolo thing I saw while putting the eye dropper in the cart was this cheap, fuzzy dusting mitt.  Since "Alleluia" is 2.5 years old, this sort of dusting mitt will be easier for her to use than the temporary kind made by folding a small square of cloth onto her fingers and holding it in place with her thumb (we've tried that......many times........epic fail).

This cost only $1.96


  1. Fun! I will have to pick one up. We found simple pine shelves at Kmart today that the 10 year old assembled for John's room--meaningful work x 2!