Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Handwarmers for Toddlers: Re-Using Those Tiny Baby Socks!

One of my New Year's resolutions is to get out and walk in the mornings, but it has been SO COLD and "Alleluia's" 3-year-old hands have been freezing after just 20-25 minutes.  So--wish me luck!--tonight I've dug out the teeny, tiny mismatched baby socks and filled them with white rice (we switched to brown rice years ago, so this stuff is old!).

It doesn't take much to fill these.  At first I chose some cute socks but they had rubber non-skid markings on the bottom and I was nervous that they would melt in the microwave?!?  I tested these out at about 20-30 seconds each and then sewed them up.

I hope that I stitched them well enough that we won't leave a long trail of rice in our wake.

AFTER I made these it occurred to me that I should check and see what's recommended in terms of cooking times, materials to use, etc.  These two sites popped up on Pinterest, and the corn kernels would be fun to try some time.



I'll try these out tomorrow and update you if I learn anything bizarre or exciting.  Wish us luck!

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