Sunday, January 20, 2013

Silver Polishing: Drama and Suspense in a Bling Bling Package

Downton Abbey, eat your heart out.

Isn't it great when you're busy getting ready for company and your small children can help you in some real, substantial way?  Or when the craziness of the holidays gets to you and you realize the kids can help prepare, too?  This post on shoe polishing reminds us of how even a toddler can get the family's shoes ready for "Fancy Schmancy" events, and this post is about silver polishing.

While shoe polishing is part of "Care of the Self," silver polishing is part of the "Care of the Environment" works under the Practical Life umbrella.  One compelling thing about this work is the satisfaction a child can take in seeing a gross, darkened piece of silver be transformed by their own work into a shiny, reflective piece of bling bling!

Be sure to show off the tarnish!

Cotton-tipped swabs can be used instead of cloths for the application if you prefer.

A recent estate sale had several cheap pieces in terrible shape, which made polishing all the more satisfying!

We make a big deal about counting to 10 before wiping off the cream (toddlers love drama and suspense).

I put together a polishing set with baskets from Old Market, color coordinated cloths and an apron, cotton balls and Q-tips for the children who prefer those, and polish (from a Montessori catalog) that is less smelly and harsh than the kind at our local stores.  For more on making the cloths, see this post on saving money.

If your digital camera is handy, take "before" and "after" photos of your work.

Maybe throw in a free science lesson to explain the upside-down reflection?

"Ooohing" and "Aahhing" is a critical step in this work.

To see some presentations on silver polishing, check out these posts.

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  1. After recently watching all of the Downton Abbey episodes in a single 2 week marathon stretch, I burst out laughing at this post! I have always loved polishing silver. This is an excellent reminder to get some out for the kids. :)