Friday, February 1, 2013

Remember the Lowly Shoe Horn?

"To shoehorn" means to squeeze into an insufficient space.  As your toddler is learning to get dressed, does it sometimes seem like there's insufficient space for the pudgy little tootsies?

Our typical morning routine involves about 10-15 minutes of patient undressing (out of pajamas) and dressing (in something clean!).  "Alleluia" can handle most of that, but it's the socks and shoes that still present challenges.  I'm glad when it's raining and she can put on her rain boots with ease, but some of her other shoes are tricky.  Sounds like a job for (drum roll please) THE SHOEHORN!

I forgot we even had one and was WAY too impatient with the older kids to EVER wait while they got dressed by themselves.  It was kind of fun to see if I remembered how to use one.  And guess what?  They work!  I told Alleluia it was sort of like a little slide for her heel (That seemed to make perfect sense.).  Pick one up next time you're at the shoe store or buying more shoe polish!


  1. We just bought a set of socks online that had handles. My 2.5 year old can now manage that solo. Check 'em out! Love the shoehorn idea! Thanks.

  2. Oooh--sounds neat. What exactly are those? What kind of search would I do online? I'm always open to ways to make things easier :)

  3. Ha! We've got to get one of those! Sounds too good to be true!


    I'm trying really hard to find ways she can "do things by herself". This one worked!