Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Seeing Each Other as "Gift" -- A New Montessori Work!

Another simple but profound -- and free! -- Montessori work.  This could be considered part of the "Grace and Courtesy" curriculum or an Atrium work, and it's for children from the toddler years on.

Look the child straight in the eyes and say, "Susie, you are a gift from God."  (insert his or her name)  

Do the children in your home or in your classroom know that they are a gift?

We heard an awesome homily on Sunday (which was Ascension Sunday AND Mother's Day).  Among other things the priest told us to greet each person as a gift.  That, together with the title of my friend's new blog--"Blessing Not a Burden"--was a reminder that in today's world children need to be reminded that they ARE a gift!  This inspired a new "Work" in our classroom this week.

Eventually we teach children that God has a plan for each one of them; that giving of ourselves is a universal call; and that we must always treat each other as gifts.  Children are a gift from God.


  1. I truly believe that we are all gifts from God! I love this post! I wanted to share a song that I love. It is called God's Gift by Jeff Majors and Kelly Price. The song basically says that there are no extra people and each one is God's gift to the world. If the link publishes check out the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UW95RiF7J0

    Thank you for this wonderful post! Btw, I found it on Pinterest so keep the pics coming!