Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Food Prep Work: Apples are Appealing

Alleluia has been taking a little cookbook on Cake Pops to bed with her for about a week.  She wants us to read the names of each of the yummies in the book, most of which are really sugary (not to my liking).  But the back has recipes more to my taste.  The Rustic Apple Tartlet sounded good and it looked like a good opportunity for hands-on fun in the kitchen with a toddler.  This is our story. (I'm going to ruin the ending by telling you that although it was fun to make and the filling was good, the store-bought pie crust was blah and overall I wouldn't recommend this recipe--anyone have some good ideas for a sweeter crust?)

Also the main "yippee" factor came from this apple peeling contraption I bought at a Pampered Chef party years ago (and have barely ever used).  You might find these at thrift shops or garage sales, but don't expect them to work well with mushy apples.

After washing, impale the Granny Smith on the prongs of the peeler.  Depending upon how you adjust it, the peeler will produce a long, thin peel that is fun to play with, wear, and eat!

You can make the peel thicker or thinner and this cutting edge isn't super sharp.

It also produces these fun rings!

Once everything is chopped, add cinnamon, sugar and lemon juice.

Cutting the crusts for the tartlets is easy and do-able for a toddler.  The advantage of the prepared crust is that it isn't messy or sticky.

She was losing interest by now, so I spooned the filling on.

Interested again, she was happy to stab the egg yolk and "wash" the tartlets.

Honestly, she was asleep by the time these were done, so I got to enjoy most of them!  Next time I might make the filling a day in advance and find a sweeter crust.  Feel free to send in some ideas for that!

I got lazy and stopped crimping the sides--is that why they were too crackery?

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