Friday, May 18, 2012

Transfer with Tongs

Now here's a GREAT example of a smart mom thinking on her feet:  My friend Meredith's son "Charger" was banging on her yard-sale-find of an ice bucket.  Instead of getting cross with him, she re-directed by bringing a dish of ice cubes and tongs over.   Knowing he's been interested in the tongs lately (thanks to those Preschool Power videos), he took to the job right away.

She even managed to squeeze in a little science, too!  "We talked about why the inside of the aluminum bucket became cold (transfer of energy) and why the outside stayed warm (insulation.)," she said.

Great idea!  Let's all steal it!  :)   One caveat:  be careful of toddlers putting ice cubes in their mouth--they can be a choking hazard!

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