Friday, May 25, 2012

Making Connections: Noticing What's Similar

Earlier today Alleluia found an interesting seed pod in our driveway and asked what is was.  Since I didn't know, I led her to the part of the yard adjacent, where the Crepe Myrtle grows, and we figured out it was from that bush.

Afterwards she seemed primed to find similarities around her, so when we went inside to put the seed pod in our "Nature Center" (really just a collection of junk we've found outside!) she grabbed this strange rock and a bouncy ball (which didn't belong there, but I think I stuck it there during a cleaning frenzy).

Isn't this rock cool?!?

Turns out this is a desert rose and the "petals" are flattened crystals.  This is a great example of material in the classroom that could be interesting to children of various ages (and interesting to us adults as well!).

More info for the interested:  Desert Rose (Crystal)

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