Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nummy Easy Chicken Pasta to Feed the Multitudes

We recently went to a pool party hosted by two hyper-competent mothers of large families (HCMLFs), both of whom were fixing to send off a child to military academies.  At it, we ate some delicious chicken pasta salad thingy that was purportedly very easy to make AND very easy to make HUGE amounts of, if necessary.  I tried it and it IS super easy!

All you need:

Frozen chicken breasts (like the kind you buy in bags at Sam's or Costco)
Pasta (shells or rotini)
Broth (any kind will do)

I was feeling cheap, so I didn't add any Parmesan cheese, but you can add it if you'd like.

Put 4 breasts in the Crock Pot, pour in the broth, cover and set at High.

About 3-4 hours later chicken will be cooked.  Remove and shred.

Add cooked pasta and pesto (you can add extra Parmesan cheese, but the pesto already has some).

This can be served hot or cold.  

 This was so easy I think this will be my new "Go To" meal!

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