Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real 9

Showing off a new apron sent to me by my sister.  It's made by Cath Kidston and it's SO pretty I'm afraid to actually get any food splotches on it!
Allleluia is officially out of diapers! We had a potty party during our weekly playgroup to celebrate, complete with cake pops that were supposed to look like frogs and ladybugs (here, our friend LB plays along with the gag).
The cake pops were good, but that was a LOT of sugar for the little kids!  Sorry, ladies!
Funny & Real

This week "Funny" and "Real" were sort of one big blob.  Case in point:  experimenting with the Amish Friendship Bread again, we got out the EXTREMELY LOUD CLEARANCE KITCHEN AID MIXER--NO WONDER IT WAS ON CLEARANCE!?!  It's "sca-wee" for a toddler, so we wrapped her head with a kitchen towel like a babushka and I held her hand during the worst of it.  Eventually she loved it and wanted me to turn the mixer "up!" and "more!"  

I've been trying different sizes of muffins and loaves, and these turned out okay.......

...but the batter I put in the cake pop maker was oozing out.....

...and this was the result :(  Still, in the frenzy for crumbs, the 13-year-old asked, "Can I eat all of the mistakes?"

round button chicken

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