Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real 7

This week almost everything about our everyday life seemed pretty and happy and funny and real, all at the same time.  Does that ever happen to you?  I just couldn't stop taking photos of ordinary things and everyday moments.  Forgive me for a little "photo-rrhea..." 


Okay this is about 2 months old, but ain't it purdy?  It's Alleluia having swimming lessons.

Even potty moments were pretty.


Alleluia earned a reward!  She gets a sticker every time she "goes," and after the chart is full she gets to go to the AWESOME toy store nearby (Phillips Toy Mart) and pick something out.  It's nice having the older kids home to cheer her on and be SUPER dramatic about her successes.


After splashing in the puddles tonight, this is what Alleluia dragged in.  Doesn't it look like a froggy moustache?

Uh oh.  Hermit crab's cage is empty.  We searched and searched all day.
Daddy realized late at night that the hermit crab was in a really inaccessible place--behind the shelf that was loaded with books.  They all had to be moved to get the escapee.  Ugh.  But at least we found it!

The next day the hermit crab was spoiled rotten.  Here he is "playing" in his Lego playground......

...and here he is posing in his newly decorated cage....
....and here he is at his vacation cottage.  Oh brother.


Our June 2011-June 2012 wall calendar was so depressingly full I couldn't wait to throw it out.  Husband wanted to save it as some kind of sick momento.  I wanted to burn it but was too tired.  Oi.

An exhausted toddler eating "basgeddi."

round button chicken


  1. Could you share where you found your calendar poster? I am now at the point when I need to see weeks ahead at a glance. Thanks!

  2. Sure! I think last year I purchased the LAST ONE at Office Depot? This year I had to order one online from Staples (I think?). The specs are: AT-A-GLANCE 2012-2013 ACADEMIC YEAR PLANNER
    They are nice because they are double-sided (you can hang them with a vertical orientation or a horizontal orientation) and they not too heavy to hang with regular foam adhesive squares. I hope this helps!