Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Montessori Practical Life at Home: Peeling a Potato

Food Prep:  How to Peel a Potato

Montessori Hack--Remember a Non-Slip Mat

A Grapefruit Knife Wouldn't Hurt, Either

We're having Cream of Potato Soup tonight and it calls for four peeled, diced potatoes.  Dinners that require a lot of steps are great for involving children and teaching or practicing discrete skills like peeling.  Just remember:  when you introduce the peeler for the first time, point out the sharp parts! 

It's always good to model a seated position, using a quality peeler with slow, deliberate movements, and taking the time to do the work almost meditatively.  There are smells and sounds associated with this work, as well as graceful movements.  When done, demonstrate how you discard the peelings into the compost or trash.  Important hack:  use a damp towel, a non-skip mat, or a silicone baking mat under the tray to keep things from jiggling around.

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