Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Self Serve Fruit Salad Snack Sequence

Practical Life at Home

Food Prep:  Self Serve Fruit Salad

Whether at home or in a classroom setting, Montessori snack is set up so that children can be independent.  Utensils should be the right size for a child's hand, and the working surface (table or counters) should either be reachable with a safe step stool or be just the right height (here, a table 20 inches off of the floor).

Start with an empty bowl, pre-washed fruit, serving spoons and a spoon.

Scoop first fruit into bowl.

(It may even make a nice "plunk" sound!)

Add second fruit.

Get your spoon and go!

Be sure to teach children how to clean up afterwards.  They may carry dishes to a sink to wash themselves, leave on the counter next to the sink, or load into a dishwasher.  Leave a comment below if you'd like to see a dish washing sequence!

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