Monday, November 5, 2012

Bob Books and Using Dry Erase Pockets

I'm excited to see Rockabye Butterfly put these Bob book printables out there!  "Alleluia" and I read the early Bob books, but she's really not ready to use pen or pencil yet or complete the pages. Still, I couldn't wait to combine these awesome free printables with a product I bought recently at The Container Store--dry erase pockets.

They're nice because they are sturdy and come with a grommet at the top, so they would be easy to hang.  I inserted two pages back-to-back in each pocket and, even though she can't hold the marker properly yet, Alleluia liked working on the printables with me.

Check out the printables--the first and second Bob books are already online!


  1. Love the dry erase pockets! I am on it!

  2. Thanks for trying out my new printables! So glad your daughter is enjoying them :)