Sunday, November 25, 2012

Using Jenga with Language Work or Family Reunions

Want an idea for your next family reunion or game night?  Or something to play during your class holiday party?  Here's a twist on an oldie but goodie.

For Thanksgiving we had about 40 people come together for a few days--no small feat!  The cousins who came range in age from infant to early 20s and some of them barely knew each other.  I saw this idea for Get-to-Know-You Jenga and decided to try it.  It was so fun you may want to play it for your next family holiday or reunion!

This is a good game for almost all ages.  When we played with the little cousins an older cousin read the question aloud.  Eventually we all took turns answering the same questions and we learned a lot about each other!

All you need to do is print out the questions, which are simple things about yourself like, "What are your 3 favorite foods?" and "Who do you admire most?"  Cut the questions into slips of paper and glue each one to a single wooden block.  We put craft glue in a dish and painted the back of the slips, but you could probably use common school glue or decoupage medium.  They dried very quickly and we were able to practice the game before setting it up for the little kids later.

I wondered if the blocks would still slide out easily.  They do!

The uncles with big hands have a more difficult time with it!
What family games do you enjoy?
This would also make great Language Work for the classroom.  While searching for the original post I found some other ideas of ways to use your Jenga game:

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