Thursday, November 15, 2012

Turkey Baster Transfer Work

This deeper container was a great match for this usually messy work.

Now that the grocery stores are full of Thanksgiving ingredients and tchotchkes, grab an extra turkey baster and neon food coloring.  I did, and I found that almost 3-year-old "Alleluia" had a renewed interest in all of the water pouring and water transfer works on our shelf.

I also used a deeper tray that works out much better than the shallow fast-food restaurant-type trays that I normally have for wet work.  I hadn't planned on ditching the flatter trays, but did so out of laziness (I had been using this container to store cupcakes and though it was empty I hadn't yet returned it to the cupboards).  The other day when I desperately needed Alleluia to be busy--next to me in the kitchen--I grabbed the empty container (which was a clearance scrapbooking box many moons ago).

Great way to strengthen those little hands!

The use of the neon food coloring was just an added bonus that made everything all the more exciting.  If that means your toddler will have a renewed interest in water works or if it means you can get more things done before dinnertime, then I say bring it on!

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