Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pom Pom Turkey (and Magnets)

It all started a few days ago with playgroup, when one nice mommy made a going away gift for a boy who is moving this week.  It was a cookie sheet with colorful pictures--a rainbow, a gumball machine, etc--that he could fill in with soft pom poms she had glued to little magnets (perfect for the car).  The playgroup kids couldn't keep their hands off of it!

That's how the cookie sheet-magnet-pom pom saga began, and there followed some trips to the Dollar Store.

You may have seen these on Pinterest?  I found some sheets at:

I would just caution you anytime you have small pieces and magnets around:  NEVER leave them out where a child who is still putting things in his mouth can reach them.  Also, remember that some magnets can wreak havoc with credit cards and electronics.

That said, all you need is some printed sheets (you can even just draw your own), a cookie sheet that magnets will stick to (my big ones from Sam's apparently are NOT magnetic, so check), glue and pom poms in different colors.  My mommy friend colored some of her white pom poms with a marker, but when I tried that I just got messy.

Later I laminated the rainbow.

The magnets come in packs of 50 from Michael's.  I got the smaller ones.  50 Pack of Magnets
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so of course we needed a turkey, too!

This was from Making Learning Fun and it suggests using colored magnets sold for white boards.  Hmm....maybe next year.
UPDATE:  Here's another link to a Seven Continents Map to use with magnetic pom poms.

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